Cotton percale

Cotton percale is not a material but really a specific weaving structure.
As lot of people are doing this mistake, Tradilinge will explain everything on cotton percale fabric!

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Cotton percale is a weaving structure and not a material

This fabric is made of different cotton yarn which is longer and finer. In order to get these long cotton fibers, we need to comb them to remove the shorter. This cotton becomes percale when the number of yarns has a minimum of 78 yarns/cm² (195 TC). This tightly woven quality of cloth provides high solidity, soft touch and matt appearance. Bigger is the number of yarns, higher is its quality. That’s why the cotton percale stands for quality.

Cotton percale bed linen by Tradilinge

Tradilinge always wants to produce high-quality and trendy home linen products for your family. Thanks to our bi-annual collections full of originality made by Tradilinge in France, your nights will always follow the latest trends for home decoration!

Cotton percale bed linen will fulfill your sweet nights thanks to this soft touch.

You will love this Tradilinge cotton percale bed linen : fitted sheet, flat sheet, duvet cover, pillow and bolster case … for all beds and all wishes !

The cotton percale bed linen Tradilinge is made of 80 yarns/cm² (200 TC). Extremely durable this bed linen is really resistant to washing. As most of our fabrics you can wash ii at 90°C for white color and 60°C for colors. Our team will however recommend you to was it on the reverse side and at 40°C to increase its resistance.

Really proud of our know-how all our cotton percale us created and produce in our factory in France; A made in France quality which will allow you sweet nights with Tradilinge. Here is our percale bed linen collection !