Tradilinge offers a complete bed linen collection in cotton flannel. But do you really know what is flannel?

Drap Housse
Drap Housse
Drap Housse

History of flannel

In Welsh “flannel” means “wool” as flannel was originally made from carded wool (very felted wool). Nowadays flannel is made of 100% cotton which gives an extra soft touch.

Tradilinge is on the lookout for the latest trends in home and bed linen to bring flannel up to date! That’s why Tradilinge creates its own flannel prints around 4 universes: Nature Spirit, Graphic Trend, Authentic Trend and Escape Spirit. This way, you can choose the flannel bed linen that matches your desires and your interior decoration. Tradilinge offers you a renewed range of models from geometrical trends to floral evocations.

Flannel bed linen by Tradilinge

Tradilinge offers you a renewed range of models ranging from geometric trends to floral evocations.”