Tradilinge offers a complete bed linen collection in cotton flannel. But do you really know what is flannel?

History of flannel

In Welsh “flannel” means “wool” as flannel was originally made from carded wool (very felted wool). Nowadays flannel is made of 100% cotton which gives an extra soft touch.

Used for cloths and accessories (coats, suits, hats, …) for its waterproof power, flannel is particularly found during winter season in bed linen collection for its soft and fluffy side. Indeed, flannel bed linen enables you to lie down on a warm and comfortable bed.

Flannel bed linen by Tradilinge

Tradilinge is always looking for the latest trends for its home and bed linen collections in order to update the flannel quality. That’s’ why Tradilinge creates its own printed flannel patterns around 4 universes: Nature, Graphic, Authentic and Wanderlust. So you can easily choose the good flannel design which corresponds to your desires and your home decoration.