Duvets and pillows

Couettes et oreillers

Our duvets and pillows created in the greatest tradition

Made in France, in a partner workshop near Cambrai, our know-how and our values are transmitted from father to son and assure you the best quality. For soft and peaceful nights, discover our range of comforters, all machine washable. Winter duvets for warm nights! Thanks to its multi-layer structure, separated by an air gap and the absence of cross-stitching, the winter duvet provides you with maximum warmth. Very adapted to low temperatures, it is endowed with the Isolane/iso 500g/m² technology with extraordinary insulating power.

The secret of well-being? Duvets and pillows certified 100% organic cotton! With a 100% organic cotton cover and polyester filling, our duvets and pillows are made without pesticides or OMG. Duvets and pillows triple protection and resistant to washing! With its anti-microbial and anti-mould actions tested and controlled in laboratory, our duvets and pillows assure you a permanent protection for your well-being. Light and breathable nights for hot summer nights! Discover our range of summer duvets with light filling and ultra-light and comfortable fiber.

Tradilinge offers you a selection of custom-made pillows for the comfort of your dreams!

From the firm pillow, to the soft one, you will have all the leisure to add the filling fiber according to your need of comfort. Our 100% cotton percale pillows give you a soft feeling and a silky touch on your face for soft and peaceful nights. Perfectly supported and balanced, our memory foam pillows have an exceptional loft for optimal comfort. Because your sleep is our priority, Tradilinge offers you the best quality!