For special occasions or smaller ones, for everyday meals or picnics in the garden, Tradilinge designed a trendy and quality table linen range.

Discover here the table linen collection Tradilinge :

Eva Chanvre
Bahia Fusain
Paradis Rose
Chili Salsa
Kim Naturel
Bahia Paon
Bresil Vert
Paco Thym
Paco Nuage
Paco Curaçao
Mosaic Rubis
Palmier Lagon
Charleston Corail
Spirale Citron Papaye Turquoise

How to choose you tablecloth?

Tradilinge offers you a complete range of round, oval, rectangular and square tablecloths. Usually you need to choose your tablecloth according to the form of your table. But in some cases, you can also decide to use a tablecloth different from your table. For instance, by using a rectangular tablecloth on your oval table your table will have stronger decorative aspect.

Another important and often difficult point is the size of your tablecloth. By Tradilinge ach tablecloth reference is available in about 10 sizes. If you want your tablecloth really fit to your table, your tablecloth must be at least 60cm bigger than your table (it means about 30cm on each side), even for round tables.

Warning: we recommend you to choose a cloth with an additional 5 to 10 cm drop on each side in order to have a “table skirt” effect.

Professional tip: For an optimum comfort at your table, remember that a minimum 60cm space is ideal per guest.

Tablecloths by Tradilinge

In our collection you will find:

  • 100% polyester, printed, plain or jacquard table cloths: they are ideal for family dinners or dinners with friends but also for everyday use. This material allows a great fantasy in patterns and colors. Its main strength lies in its lightness which gives comfort and easy care (fast drying without ironing).
  • 100% cotton, with acrylic coating or plain jacquard with anti stain treatment tablecloths: Tradilinge tablecloths are ideal for special occasions and everyday use.

To complete and enhance the decoration of your table, Tradilinge provides a complete range of table linen with placemats, table runner and napkins that will match with your tablecloth.