Bed linen collection for kids

Bed linen collection for Kids

That’s it, your little one is no longer a baby and it’s time for him to have a bed like the “big ones”.
It’s over with the baby bed linen and childcare articles…
Hello to the colorful bed linen for Kids.
To help you in your children bed linen choice, Tradilinge gives you some tips and proposes you its bed linen collection for Kids.

Unis Bébés

For more security please choose a bed linen fitted to the right size.

From the age of 3, you can store your child’s crib in the attic and opt for a single bed with 90x190cm size.

Tip: Don’t forget to add a mattress protector for the “night’s little accidents”.

Bed linen for Kids by Tradilinge

Tradilinge offers you a collection of colorful bed linen for children with mixed printed patterns, for girls or boys. ‘Pop’ colors that will immediately set the tone of your child’s bedroom decoration and that will especially make your pretty little blond heads want to spend sweet nights in their own bed.

Like all our bed linen collection, the children bed linen Tradilinge is made of a natural material which is cotton. We can also produce customized fitted sheets for you.