Kitchen towels

Tradilinge kitchen towels, hand towels and tea towels

Even if our grandmothers’ checkered kitchen towels remain the timeless accessory in our kitchens, tea towels are also making their decorative revolution in our interiors! A help in all circumstances, The Tradilinge kitchen towel is not to be taken lightly. The Tradilinge kitchen towel is not to be taken lightly.

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The kitchen towel: the final touch to your decoration:

Checked, with seasonal patterns, with animal motifs, with lines… Large or small, all our tea towels are sold in sets of 3 or 6 graphically linked towels. Made of cotton or blended cotton, our teams offer kitchen towels with a soft touch for unequalled absorption.

Beyond its functions as a dish towel, hand towel, tea towel, the kitchen towel becomes the final touch of your decoration with its vitaminized colors, discreet or matching your kitchen!

Discover the patterns imagined this year by our designers: checks, fruits, animals, lines, kitchen utensils, geometric shapes…and so many others. Whether you are a fan of sober or flashy colors, jacquard patterns or traditional designs, you will find the kitchen towel you need!

Care instructions:

We advise you to wash your kitchen towels at 90°, avoiding mixing them with your clothes or other household linen.

Made of natural materials such as linen and cotton, all the finishes of our kitchen towels are studied to guarantee their longevity (hem, weaving technique…).

Calendar Kitchen towels:

Every year, our designers think about your new calendar towels.

Yes, the kitchen towel takes on a new function and becomes an ideal gift to offer to yourself or your loved ones. Why not frame it to completely change its utility 😉

Chickens, cats, dogs, flowers, there is something for every taste and interior!