Tradilinge Head Office email adress:

Press Contact

Amandine Lesamber
Phone: +33 6 21 10 21 00
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Sales Team:

General Managers
Philippe & Raphaël Clochette

Export Manager

And 8 commercial people in France:


Jérôme Deschamps Jérôme Deschamps Jérôme Deschamps Marc Visocchi Marc Visocchi Marc Visocchi François Chiffolleau François Chiffolleau François Chiffolleau Philippe Kilka Philippe Kilka Philippe Male Philippe Male Patrick Longin Patrick Longin Jean Pierre Lecourt Jean Pierre Lecourt Pascal Aubert Pascal Aubert Pascal Aubert

Retail shop:

The factory shop is open every day from Monday morning to Saturday evening.
Large car park.
Promotional sales, second choice, terry towelling sales by weight, fabrics, nr. 1 for the sale of fabrics by weight.
Duvets, blankets,… Special offers during all the year.
Phone: +33 3 27 81 83 36
Email adress: