About us?

The world of Tradilinge :

A French know-how, human people, a story…
People who were born in the heart of the textile industry with the desire of investment, creation and sharing. Creator and producer from father to son, Tradilinge is before all the story of a family, born from the love between Gilbert and Charline who gave birth to the brand name TRADILINGE in 1958 in Cambrai, North of France, an old textile country.


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A real passion and desire for this know-how was given to the children Raphaël and Philippe in order to follow this great adventure.  Nowadays and thanks to its talented creation team TRADILINGE wants to develop new trendy and qualitative collections to always answer to the needs and tastes of the whole family.


THE WISH OF TRADILINGE? To get closer to its customers and to share the same values in order to meet closer your expectations Tradilinge has the advantage of having a true story with authentic roots based on one family by always following and developing this story to create modern and innovative collections.
TRADILINGE focuses all its attention on quality to propose made in France products.
When you buy a Tradilinge product you contribute to the French industry growth, you will take up an ecological approach with regard to waste management and energy saving thanks to a local production.
For Tradilinge the most important is to propose a wide range of products for the whole family. Thanks to plain or printed designs, to trendy or more traditional models the aim of Tradilinge remains that everybody should be happy with their creations.